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    The student is always at the centre of what we do and it’s just one reason why our classes are so highly respected.

    Our students are treated as individuals by all members of staff. Lessons are adapted to suit the needs of the students and the needs of the class. We don’t use course books but a much wider range of materials.

    This means that students learn what they need not what is in the book.

    “This school was the best solution to improve my English with good people, good teacher and good music! Everything to manage to be a proper Londoner! Thank you!”
    Samy, France
    “It has been a very positive experience. The teacher focuses on every day tenses use and gave me useful tools to improve my English. I’m definitely considering about joining the next level!”
    Artur, Brazil
    “I love to come for each class. I think I’ve improved my English and I’ve met lovely people and friends!”
    Veronica, Mexico
    “My experience was great! I really enjoyed my classes and I’ve learnt a lot. The teacher is really helpful, kind and made me laugh so much! Classes were enjoyable and helped me improving my listening, speaking and grammar skills. Thank you so much!”
    Sirly, Colombia
    “St John School has been a family before an English class. It was the occasion for me to meet people, to improve the language and understand the slang of the English people! Thanks for the atmosphere, the social events, for the friendship and the competence!”
    Giovanna, Italy
    St John School of English is a very good school. Everybody is nice. The course is very interesting and clearly. I was very happy to choose this school.
    I really enjoyed every single lesson, the teacher is amazing! Even if I was tired after one day at work, I’ve always found interesting, funny and helpful al his lessons.
    I really like teachers method, because he put us in front of a real situation for example at work, to the doctor, at the phone, speaking with friends, etc.
    “I really like the atmosphere at St John School. I have met very nice people. Also, the teacher is fantastic and the lessons are never boring!”
    Laura, Spain
    There are the best course and teacher. We learn about the English culture and history.
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